Hi, my name is Edward, and this is my cycling story.

It’s quite ironic that I’m writing to you about all sorts of bicycles when I never even liked riding them when I was young.

As an 8-year-old boy, my father bought me my first ever bike. It was a simple one he bought at the local store with a blue coating and a bell near the handles.


I was very excited to try it out, but I soon realized I wasn’t very good. Every time I attempted to ride, I fell down. My arms and legs were covered with bruises. I also had a huge bump on my forehead. Eventually, the frustration got to me.

Then and there, I decided never to ride my bike ever again.

That is until school started a few months later.  Being in third grade meant that we could now walk to school on our own, or in my classmate’s case, ride our bikes. The first few weeks, I would just walk by myself. “I don’t mind”, I told myself, “At least I wouldn’t  fall down again”.

My classmates noticed this and they asked me about it. At first, I was hesitant to share because I thought they’d laugh at me, but to my surprise, they were actually very supportive. They encouraged me to jump up on my bike and ride again. They told me that they’d help me practice and give me tips on how to improve my balance.

After putting some thought, I decided to give it another shot. I went into the garage, cleaned my bike, and rode on it again. It was still the same old bike and I was still the same kid, but what I had now was a sense of purpose. I wanted to show my friends that thanks to their positivity, I could overcome my fears.

I practiced for hours upon day, listened to their suggestions, and gave my best. Eventually, I slowly improved. I didn’t fall down anymore and as each day passed, I increased the distance I traveled and my speed. Finally, I had gained my confidence back.

Since that time, I rode my bike to school every day with my friends. Actually, 22 years later, we still find time to cycle together.

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Of course, I replaced my trusted blue bike with a brand new mountain bike. My friends and I don’t go to school anymore, but we travel to all sorts of places and have crazy adventures. Oh, and that young boy? He’s grown up into someone who’s extremely passionate about biking.

As I share my story, it’s funny how I almost gave up on something I know I can’t live without today. Cycling has taught me so many important lessons in life, but none more important than this: No matter where life takes you, your friends will always have your bike back.

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