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I bought my first pair of cycling shoes a couple of years ago. Before that time, I used to wear the sneakers I used for jogging. It regularly made my feet and lower leg ache, and I soon found out that it didn’t provide the support and traction I needed when I ride my bike.

Cycling shoes are purposely designed for the stress and intensity of cycling movement. It has various features that make sure your lower body is comfortable and greatly minimizes the risk of injury.

There a lot of different models on the market to choose from. Choosing one that fits your needs is highly subjective, but I’d like to go through 8 of the most popular ones and discuss some of their most prominent features. Hopefully, this helps you determine which one is the best cycling shoe on the market.

Best Cycling Shoes : Top Picks

Tommaso  Montagno 200

Most Affordable

Tommaso Strada Elite

Best Of The Best

Triseven MTB Sneaker-Style

Best Design 

tommaso montagno cycling shoe
  • check
    Really affordable price 
  • check
    Strong technical features 
  • check
    Best value for money 

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tommaso strada elite cycling shoes
  • check
    Most complete features 
  • check
    Great value for money 
  • check
    Compatibility with other accessories 
  • check
    Incredibly comfortable 

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triseven sneaker style cycling shoes
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    Overall stylish design 
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    Great color combinations 
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Triseven MTB Sneaker-Style Cycling Shoes

Quick Summary

triseven sneaker style cycling shoes

Rated by: Edward

The Triseven MTB is a cycling shoe that comes equipped with additional traction. It has an anti-slip feature, which provides increased foot stability and resistance when you are pedaling.

This quality is particularly helpful during harsher condition, like in rain or on muddy roads, because it prevents you from losing control of the bike.

Additionally, this shoe has 2-bolt cleats compatibility with several brands available on the market. You won’t have to worry about your shoes misaligning because it is already firmly attached. Similar to the anti-slip feature, it provides you with greater control and you are a lot safe when you ride.

You also don’t have to worry about your laces getting untied. The Triseven MTB has one wide strap that snuggly fits over it to keep it intact at all times. This shoe body is also incredibly comfortable as it sports added padding on its sole. Your feet will feel less pressure when you’re walking or riding for long distances.

Finally, I really like how stylish its overall design is. A blue body with bright yellow laces is a killer combination and is very eye-catching. This is a shoe you’d be proud to wear outdoors.



  • Comfortable fit
  • Stylish design
  • Increased traction for use on any kind of pedal
  • Can be used for walking or running
  • Has extra laces
  • No cleats at the bottom

Giro Carbide R Bike Shoes

Quick Summary

giro carbide bike shoes

Rated by: Edward

It may not look the part, but the Giro Carbide bike shoes are actually pretty effective. For one, they are easy to wear. All you need to do is slip in your feet, find the tightness that you’re comfortable in, and adjust the straps.

The whole shoe is made of leatherette material so it’s quite comfortable to wear. Its soles are built with co-molded nylon and rubber padding, which helps decrease the tension on your feet when you are exerting pedaling hard or traveling at high speeds.

Since shoes primarily made from leather can sometimes be humid, I like the idea of placing multiple holes on its body to improve insulation

The Giro Carbide also comes equipped with 2-bolt mountain cleat compatibility, which fits well with a lot of pedals on the market. Just be sure that it really is well suited to your mountain bike. Otherwise, you might be forced to change it.

Coming from a functionality standpoint, this has all the basic features you could ask for in a cycling shoe.



  • Soft leather body
  • Very easy to wear
  • High compatibility with a lot of pedals and cleats
  • Feet can sometimes be too hot
  • The overall style is too basic

Fizik R5B UOMO Road Cycling Shoes

Quick Summary

fizik road cycling shoes

Rated by: Edward

Similar to the Giro Carbide, the Fizik R5B has a pretty basic design that makes it look for like a diving shoe than a cycling one. It has two available colors that you can choose from, with the black and red design being slightly more stylish.

However, despite its dowdy look, it still has some very noteworthy practical qualities.

Firstly, the Fizik R5 has to be one of the most comfortable cycling shoes I have ever worn. It is produced using microfiber material with volume control abilities, which is lightweight and can adapt to the exact shape of the rider’s feet.  

This makes it very flexible, yet the composition is strong enough to withstand the rigors of unforgiving trails. As long as your feet are placed in the shoes, they will remain relaxed at all times.

Another thing I like about the Fizik R5B is its easy slip-on capacity. There are two straps on this: one over the laces and another micro-strap near the bottom. Both of these ensure that your shoes are securely fastened at all times. A reflective strip has also been installed near your heal so you are easily visible even when riding at night.

This model is slightly more expensive than most entry-level cycling shoes, but it has a lot of great features that warrant its heftier price tag. Despite this, it’s still a good value for money deal. This is definitely a strong contender as the best cycling shoe.



  • Snug fit and very comfortable to wear
  • Adapts to your foot shape
  • Durable
  • Good to wear during night rides
  • Keeps your feet cool despite the weather outside
  • The overall design is basic
  • Limited traction

Tommaso Strada Elite Cycling Shoes

Quick Summary

tommaso strada elite cycling shoes

Rated by: Edward

The Tommaso Strada elite offers a high level of comfort when you wear it. Its upper portion is manufactured with premium microfiber and ultra-nylon inserts which make it very light and easy to put on and take it off.

On the other hand, the bottom of the shoe is assembled with molded EVA sole to protect your feet during rough journeys.

This configuration allows your feet to breath easily while enclosed, no matter what the climate outside is. A carbon fiber cleat plate is also designed to efficiently transfer power from your body to the pedals. 

As a result, you are able to ride more smoothly and without hicks. Its bolts are also compatible with a number of cleats to give you better traction when you are cycling or hiking.

Overall, this is one of the most affordable road bike cycling shoes you’ll find on the market. At an average standard retail price of just below $80, this is only slightly pricier than models with only half of its features. If you get a chance to purchase the Tommaso Strada Elite, you should strongly consider buying it on the spot.



  • Elite comfort when you ride
  • Transfers power effectively from your feet to the pedals
  • Strong and flexible body
  • Added cleat traction
  • Affordability
  • Comes with several warranty packages
  • Boring design
  • Reports of issues on sizing

Venzo Road Bike Cycling Shoes

Quick Summary

venzo road bike cycling shoes

Rated by: Edward

The Venzo cycling shoe’s setup is very different from the previous ones we’re reviewed.

Basically, it has two main parts: the cleat and a removable structure that can be mounted on a bike’s pedal. This feature essentially connects your leg to the bike itself, which makes your range of motion crisp and as one.

The mesh surrounds the body is quick-drying and highly breathable so your feet are well-protected either in heat or rainy climates. Its synthetic makeup makes it very aerodynamic and relaxing to wear. The low-cut design gives your ankles and feet a full range of motion when you pedal and added relief.

Adjusting the tightness is also a breeze. There are three velcro straps located on the top part of the shoe. All you need to do is fasten or loosen them depending on your preference. You won’t need to worry about your shoes being uncomfortable.

All in all, this is an entry-level model worth considering. Personally, the unique pedal attaching device seem very foreign for my taste, but many users have vouched for the Venzo cycling shoe’s effectivity. Take a look at this if this style is your preference.



  • Eye-catching extremities
  • Quick-drying mesh body
  • Ergonomic design
  • A unique way to mount on a pedal
  • Cleats often came loose
  • Does not fit a lot of rider’s style
  • Pedals have poor quality

Gavin Elite Road Cycling Shoes

Quick Summary

gavin elite road cycling shoes

Rated by: Edward

The Gavin Elite is an ergonomically designed road cycling show with an exceptionally sleek black and silver exterior.

Actually, its body is made from synthetic microfiber leather, which explains its light weight. It also comes fortified with breathable mesh and a nylon fiberglass sole making your foot feel stress-free at all times when you’re pedaling.

Its overall design is truly top of the line and I won’t be surprised to hear consumers buy it just because of how it looks. Objectively, it looks so much more than its average price of $55. If you’re a cycler that prioritizes shoes that pack a punch, strongly consider buying this model.

Apart from its visual impeccability, the Galvin Elite also comes with a micro-adjustable buckle to make wearing the shoes very convenient. Similar to other models, you can alter the tightness to fit your liking.

The bottom of the shoes also comes with a framework that is attuned to all kinds of different cleats models. Using this helps to optimize your whole ride because you not only make the relocation of pedal power more effective, but you also have a greater speed of how fast the bike will go. As a result, you are able to conserve your body and avoid any kind of injury.



  • Looks more expensive than it actually us
  • Affordable price
  • Commendable stylish design
  • Provides increased when control when you drive
  • Compatible with other cleats
  • The adjustable strap is easily damaged
  • Inaccurate sizing chart

Tommaso Montagno 200 Cycling Shoe

Quick Summary

tommaso montagno cycling shoe

Rated by: Edward

The Tommaso Montagno 200 is the predecessor of the Strada Elite, but its no slouch either when compared to its more advanced cousin.

This model is also made up of synthetic leather exterior with several mesh openings, which primarily serves as the shoe ventilation system. This is meant to control the temperature within and make sure your feet are calm, cool, and collection at all times.

Its sole is reinforced with fiberglass to alleviate tension caused by intense riding and high speeds. Too much pressure exerted, without proper support, can lead to various injuries on your body. 

As a result of the decreased tightness that you feel, you can ride for longer periods of time while expelling less energy in the process.

Tommaso cycling shoes also have a company-wide guarantee to all their customers that their size chart is accurate and 100% comfortable. Should you have any complaints, you can return the item, no questions asked. This reflects the company’s confidence in their product of how relaxed your feet will feel when you wear their shoes. Velcro straps also offer relief as you can adjust how firm the shoes are.

Visually, its look is simple with a hint of elegance to it. The mesh really stands out and adds a new dimension to its overall look. Still, this is only the cherry on top of a sundae. Generally speaking, the Tommaso Montagno 200 is a great option and is definitely one of the best cycling shoes available on the market.



  • Extra padding provides additional comfort
  • Comes with a warranty package
  • Incredibly affordable price
  • Good temperature controlling system
  • Visually appealing
  • Only compatible with SPD cleats
  • Faulty velcro straps

Tiebao Road Cycling Shoes

Quick Summary

tiebao road cycling shoes

Rated by: Edward

The final candidate on our list of best cycling shoes is the Tiebao cycling shoe. Many of its features make it a great selection to wear on trails with unpredictable weather.

It has an anti-slip quality, which prevents your foot from slipping when you pedal, and a 3-bolt bracket for different types of cleats. These are meant to provide you with better control as you drive. A net-like feature keeps your feet cool during the whole trip.

Its body is protected with a synthetic material that has a durable toe box in the front. This is meant to shield your feet from any rocks or hazardous debris on the terrain.

Majority of the shoe has reinforced padding as well. This shoe provides a good balance of flexibility and security that you’ll surely appreciate.

Similar to the top portion, the sole also has a reinforced structure. It sports a perforated insole that acts as a drainage system for water and sweat.

All these qualities don’t make the Tiebao cycling shoe a must-own item, but it does warrant at least strong consideration. It’s an affordable option that has commendable features and an above-average decision. You can do much worse than buying this item.



  • In-house drainage and cooling system
  • Nice cushion system
  • Effectively protects your feet
  • Affordable price
  • Sizes are too small
  • Cleats don’t fit smoothly

Things To Consider When Buying Cycling Shoes

1. Fit and Comfort

Obviously, the most basic requirement that a shoe should give you is comfort. Most selections come with a size chart that you should take a look at. Also, I would advise you to read up on comments about a specific brand’s sizing. Not all their sizes are accurate so there are times it would be better if you get shorts with a larger size.

cycling shoes fit and comfort

In buying shoes, it is ideal that you fit it personally. Walk around a bit and see how the item works for you. Many cycling shoes have innovative features that help your feet relax, so just find one that fits your personal preference. At the end of the day, it is only you that will wear them. The relief of your body should be the primary consideration.

2. Material Used

Different options also use several kinds of materials. While a vast majority use synthetic products, there is also a handful that utilizes nylon or leather. I can’t say for certain which is the best, but each one does provide a specific benefit.

cycling shoes material

Try to reflect on your personal cycling behavior. Do you enjoy riding in mountainous regions, across bodies of water, or forests? How far a distance do you usually cover? These are all viable questions to ask yourself because they can help you determine what your cycling should be made of. Once you answer those questions, it will make your decision a whole lot easier.

3. Design

I’m sure you’ve noticed the design of certain products is very important to me. I don’t just want to look good, but I also want to be sure that the reason why a certain product was conceptualized be because of a deeper reason.

cycling shoes design

Similar to the point before this, go back and think about your own preference. Choose a cycling shoe with aesthetic and functional designs that fit your riding style.

4. Elite Traction Functions

The main purpose of using cycling shoes is to increase traction when you pedal. This is so you are able to ride more efficiently, transfer energy more effectively, and of course, give you added control.

elite traction functions

A model with 2-bit cleat brackets is an ideal target because you’ll have a lot more cleat designs on the market to choose from. Most also have a wider selection of functions to choose from. The main point here is to consider designs that strike the balance between having good uses and strong adhesion.

If you want to know more tips about choosing a pair of cycling shoes, click on the link and watch a quick video.


I think the cycling shoe with the best collection of features, which we can also consider to be the best cycling shoe on the market, is the Tommaso Strada Elite.

tommaso strada elite cycling shoes

This specific option has a wonderful combination of comfort, function, power, design, and affordability. You can’t get any more complete than that. Plus, what I always look for a product is how each part complements one another. This is one particular thing that I love about that shoe.

All qualities come together to provide you with an amazing riding experience.

What about you? Which cycling shoe caught your attention and why? Lets us know your thoughts and opinions.

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