how to adjust bike gears

How To Adjust Bike Gears?

The gear system is one of the most important parts of a bicycle. It is in charge of transferring the power from the pedals towards the wheels, using several cogs and a chainring, which results in the forward or backward movement of the machine. If the gears are damaged or not assembled correctly, it will […]

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how to change bike chains

How To Change Bike Chain?

The first time I attempted to replace the chains on my bicycle, I had the most difficult time. I even cut my finger on one of the gears. But since that fateful day in June, I gradually improved and am now up to a level where I’m no longer intimidated by this chore.I’m sure many […]

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how to change gears on a bike

How To Change Gears On A Bike?

Gears are an important component of bicycles because they allow you to maintain a comfortable pedaling speed when riding. A standard bike has several gears that you can choose to use on different terrains. Each of them has a unique ability that you can control when the situation needs it.Changing gears while you are riding […]

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what size of road bike do i need

What Size Of Road Bike Do I Need?

A road bike is a form of bicycle designed for high-speed traveling on paved roads. Cyclists in marathons or races generally use these because of how they are put together. Size and structure are important factors to that can directly affect how fast a rider can go. For you to reach higher speeds, and still […]

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