Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yeah, tell me something I don't know

Personally, I find it very comforting when science confirms something that I already knew to be true. Sadly, because I'm not that bright, this doesn't happen often. Nevertheless, when it does, I sashay around the house for days, until my wife finally breaks down and asks me why I'm so insanely happy. This prompts me to tell her that once again, the world of science and peer-reviewed scholarly journals is lagging behind my own flawless intuition.

That was the case today, as I found out that Royal Society Journal, Biology Letters, published a study that states, even in its title, that there's a relationship between "the attractiveness and performance in professional cyclists" (you can read more about the study here). In other words, those who ride fast and win races become better looking to everyone involved, including those of their own gender. Of course, guys like me have known this for years. I mean, you should see the pervy looks I get from everyone as I make my way to work through that one stretch of the bike trial, where I've been known to hit speeds well into the mid teens.

Sadly, the study chose to disregard my own commuting experiences, and thus tossed aside my youthful good looks as well. Instead, scientists looked at riders in last year's Tour de France, and in case you were wondering, found that Amael Moinard was voted most handsome, prompting everyone, including his wife, to say, "who?"

And now, because—like a bad Saturday Night Live sketch—I can't think of a way to bring this post to a close, I'll leave all of you with this thrilling (yet soothing) song from Colnago enthusiast Tim Weisberg's seminal "Night Rider" album, which I believe features none other than Steve Gadd on drums. Enjoy.


  1. I also question what they consider fast. Sure Kittel and Cavendish are fast but give them a mountain and they don't seem so fast and some one like Uran or Nairo will be faster if not considered good looking.

  2. The study looked at time trial times, but also the final, overall GC.

    The BBC article says "Dr Postma then compared the attractiveness scores with the cyclists' performance in time trials and in the race itself which, at well over 3,000km (1,860 miles), is a renowned test of endurance and speed."

    By those standards, Bjarne Riis circa 1996 was HOT HOT HOT!

  3. Look into Amael's eyes and it all becomes clear...

  4. Wat's wrong with Michel and Jacques?


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