Thursday, November 22, 2012

Colombia's most iconic climbs. A set of three prints.


Col du Tourmalet, Stelvio Pass, Mont Ventoux, Côte de la Redoute, and the Koppenberg. Iconic climbs differing in length, grade and location, but all of which conjure up numerous emotions and moments in cycling history. As iconic as these climbs are, however, they barely resonate with Colombian cyclists and fans. That's because Colombia, with its sizable history in the sport, has it's own climbs. Ones with tremendous amounts of history, lore and statistics to match.

Among the numerous climbs that dot the Andean landscape, three stand well above all others. Páramo de Letras, Alto de Minas, and the Alto de la Línea. One is the longest climb in the world, another defeated Fausto Coppi, while one has actually claimed lives, while giving birth to a generation of escarabajos.

This set of prints celebrates these icons of Colombian cycling.

Printed on uncoated, bright white stock, this set of 11"x16" (27.94cm x 40.64cm) prints ships rolled. Each print shows the profile of the climb, and gives key information about each one. Length, climbing height, and maximum grade.

Dare I say, "suitable for framing"?

Each set also comes with a small booklet detailing the importance of these climbs, a sticker of a cyclist who has made his name on these climbs, and (don't laugh) a piece of coffee-flavored hard candy made by the oldest candy manufacturer in Colombia.

Price, shipping etc.
Each set is $25 plus shipping ($4 within the United States, $16 to Europe, please contact me if you live elsewhere for shipping rates). Orders will ship via USPS in rigid, 3-ply spiral wound tubes.

Payment must be made via PayPal to:  
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  1. these are nice! I just hope I can get a family discount.

  2. How do I order? I really want this, but I'm clueless as to how to order. Please reply. Gracias!

  3. v21,
    Just send the amount of money ($29 if you live in the US) via PayPal to the gmail account listed above in the post (replacing "-at symbol-" with "@"). If you don't have PayPal, just email me, and I'll send you a PayPal invoice, which you can pay with your debit or credit card

  4. Klaus,
    I will email you, and will pay that way.

  5. Okay, so I sent the money now how do I hug you for creating & offering the best bike-art on the planet?

    JPL aka Jota Pe

  6. Dude, no need for hugs (thought they're always welcome).

  7. I want a set. Please send me an invoice via my email.


  8. I am down to dream about these climbs up. Will Paypal. Thanks!

  9. i have to figure a way to have a road bike next time i go back home and put time aside to try some of these climbs...try being the key word here


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