Thursday, October 25, 2012

Inquiring Minds Want to Know...

As a kid, the bus ride from school to my family's house in Bogota seemed eternal. This is probably because it was eternal, since the city is huge, and the traffic is atrocious. Because of the length of the trip, much of it would be spent having endless discussions with other kids. We talked about sports, and traded Panini stickers for the latest soccer or cycling album that had just come out. But sometimes, we ended up having conversations that, for our age, were downright existential. My personal favorite was this one: which superpower would you rather have? The usual choices were, flying, being invisible and the like. I personally liked the ability to read people's minds, which no one thought of as a real superpower. This, I thought, would allow me to have some of the benefits of other superpowers. In retrospect, I don't think I was right, but that seemed to make sense to me at the time.

Luckily now that I'm all grown up, Google allows me to—more or less—read other people's minds through the power of auto-complete. I can't read a singe person's mind, but I can easily find out what the masses are thinking and wondering about. Sadly, now that I have this superpower, I no longer want it. That's because, as it turns out, people are often dull, and sit around wondering some odd things. Look through the Google auto-complete images below, and you'll know what I mean. No, I didn't manipulate any of these. Go try them out on Google yourself, and maybe think of some other ones. Have fun.




If you are in or around New York City this weekend, and looking for something to do, consider going to this event: Bikes and Books, A Celebration of Bicycle Design. The event will have several presenters, including Antonio Colombo (Cinelli, Columbus tubing), Richard Sachs and the talented and well-mannered Mike Spriggs.

The event is on Saturday, October 27, at the Haft Auditorium in the Fashion Institute of Technology. If you don't know where FIT is located, just exit the subway in the general vicinity, and look for the endless amounts of middle aged men creepily checking out the female students. Once you are at the event, maybe you can cask Antonio Colombo one of these questions:

Or you can ask Mike:

But even if you don't ask these questions, you can get a $10 discount here by using the code: BIKES2012. Tell them I sent you.

Lastly, if you are looking for some cycling attire of the wool variety, head on over to my brother's blog, where you'll find some sweet jerseys. But whatever you do, don't ask him this:


  1. "when did eddie merckx won the tour de france" <- classic

  2. I feel like all of those questions about Colombian women can be answered with two little words: adult braces.

  3. jimjimjimjimjimjimjimOctober 26, 2012 at 10:40 AM

    Thanks for the LOLing on the day offs.

  4. Google Instant often makes me wonder whether there are any original questions left to be asked.

  5. hi, I just read on VeloNation that Colombia Coldeportes may get invited to the next Tour de France. When was the last Colombian team in the Tour? Postobon in '92? Thanks,

  6. Hello Greg,
    Correct, last Colombian team would have been Postobon in 1992. They had a horrible time there, and that basically sent the team back to Colombia. Henry Cardenas more or less attributed that terrible showing to other teams being on EPO. Whatever the case may be, it was the last time a Colombian team was there. You can read more about it here:

  7. Thank you, I appreciate the response! Awesome blog! If Coldeportes do get into the next Tour I will be really happy. Take care, Greg


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