Monday, December 26, 2011

A feed zone at the Vuelta A Colombia, design criticism, and Leipheimer's use of the word "orientated"

by Horacio Gil Ochoa.

Ricardo Ovalle was known as the "Lone Ranger". He lived in the department of Meta, where most of Colombia's meat industry is located, and a place where many ranchers get around by horse.

Seen here at a feed zone in the Vuelta A Colombia in the early 60s, Ovalle is being fed by a team assistant, who sports a custom-made vest with plenty of room for bottles. As you can see, assistants would get off the team truck, and feed riders while running alongside them. Here we see Ovalle getting the old "sticky bocadillo" up a climb. Perhaps we'll see a bit of this time-honored technique during the 2012 season from the Colombia-Coldeportes team.

Speaking of which, perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, but this upcoming season could potentially be an amazing one for Colombian cycling. Sergio Henao is joining Sky, Cayetano Sarmiento is going to Liquigas-Cannondale, and Carlos Betancur might already be in Liquigas...or he might not be. No one knows. He told a Colombian newspaper that he wasn't on November 22nd, and then every English-speaking news outlet said he was joining the team on the 23rd. Regardless, there will also be the Colombia-Coldeportes team to look out for.

That team's jersey, by the way, looks surprisingly like the one I designed for this very blog. Actually, I'm not surprised by the similarity at all, since the Infinite Monkey Theorem clearly states that if you give a monkey some third-rate design software, he will eventually design a cycling jersey. Additionally, if you give two monkeys the same third-rate design software, they will both arrive to a similar solution at some point.

Which reminds me: Cycling Inquisition socks are still available, and small, white jerseys are also (see the right-hand column).

They all ship with bits of bocadillo and panela, both of which are proven to make you a better climber. Guaranteed. Well, not really...but according to one guy, even the design of the jersey is objectionable, so what do I know.

Mary mother of jesus, it's Colombia, not Columbia.

Post-Christmas Bonus Content

1. I love seeing what Google searches bring people to this blog.

2. Look, I know that the word "orientated" is technically correct, but my god, even Rickey Henderson cringed when he read this interview with Levi Leipheimer.


  1. In his head, the guy with the 'objectionable' kit blog fancies himself a blogeur of great wit, hilariously dismissing clothing of which he does not approve, a fashion-conscious Fred version of BSNYC if you like. In his head... Seriously, we're grown men and women in lycra, how do we look anything but ridiculous? Looking more or less ridiculous is irrelevant. Step away from the blog, get back on your bike. Also, his blog is neither inspiring nor educational, unlike others I could mention. Happy holidays Klaus.

  2. jimjimjimjimjimjimjimDecember 26, 2011 at 6:00 PM

    Wait a minute.
    There is a guy who just critiques cycling kit.
    How is that even interesting?
    All the established cycling websites do a kit review at the top of every season.
    Sounds like a cat 5 blog to me.
    This guy is way off the back. I highly doubt he'll earn any upgrade points to the big action in the 4's.

    For perspective Klaus, you're a cat.1 racing on an international license with enough points to ride a world cup. Yes, I'm still wound up from the sprint finish in Zolder today.
    Keeeeeeeeeeevvvviiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn Pauwels!

  3. I don't think 'oriented' and 'orientated' are interchangeable, though, and saying 'orientated' when one means 'oriented' is not cool. Seriously, it's like littering. Or invading smaller countries to liberate precious metals. Not that grammarians lose perspective on things. Nor that cycling geeks lose perspective on kits, colors, local heroes, or anything else...

    Safe New Year to you.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Sadly, the intranet has given a platform from which all may spew. Not to mix metaphors, but I just try pick the peanuts out of the poop. The Geeks are exacting their revenge (e.g., Gates et al.) The modern world can be quiet DISORIENTATING, I find.

  6. Well, I'm not really insulted or anything. I mean, I've probably said similar things on this very blog (I know I have actually). I found it kinda' funny, so I thought I should share.

  7. jimjimjimjimjimjimjimDecember 27, 2011 at 3:30 PM

    I have no problem with this guy having an opinion.
    It just seems not worth while to pen a blog being mostly negative.
    That is covered already, everywhere.

  8. Ah yes, I see your point, about that sprint...

  9. i'm no nerd, but i'm pretty sure leipheimer used the word wrong. he obviously meant "oriented." "oriented" and "orientated" are NOT interchangeable in american english and last i checked, levi is as american as... well as american as lance.

  10. ahhh, but they are interchangeable...which I can't believe, considering how wrong "orientated" sounds.

    From the third Edition of Fowler’s Modern English Usage, about the oriented/orientated issue: “one can have no fundamental quarrel with anyone who decides to use the longer of the two words”

  11. Dude, Fowler can shove it, I can have a fundamental quarrel with anyone I damn well please!

  12. Shouldn't that be, "Due, Fowler can shove it! I can have a fundamental quarrel with anyone I damn well please!"?

    Just sayin'.

  13. Pointless,

    I can see that you are very detail orientated.

  14. The oriented and orientated thing could be a mistake by Cyclingnews. Those guys make spelling and grammar mistakes all the time. I could probably make a blog about it.


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