Monday, December 21, 2009

Guest Post: Who Is the Greatest Cyclist of All Time? The Ultimate Argument Settler.

Here I go with my second post for C.I. Hope you enjoy it, even if it's on the long side.

Every sports fan out there, regardless of the sport they follow, has had the inevitable, "Who Is the Greatest of All Times" conversation at least once. They will talk about Babe Ruth vs. McGwire, Pele vs. Maradona, Johnny Unitas vs. Joe Montana or Sachin Tendulkar vs. Brian Lara (I don't know shit about cricket, I just looked these dudes up on some website). The argument takes a turn for the worse when people realize that different eras meant different ways of playing the sport. Different scoring systems, better, more accurate officiating, different rules and other factors. Another aspect that may influence our opinion on the matter is personal preference. For example, I think Kaka is better than Lionel Messi, not because he's a better player, but because, overall, I don't like Argentinean players. Many standards may be set to determine "the best of all times", but you can find bias and cracks in all of them.

We have the same issue in cycling. Since I was a kid I've heard the Coppi vs. Merckx debate. Later Hinault came into the picture. Oh, boy! By the time Armstrong and Indurain had done their thing, I had stopped caring about the "best of all time" and was content with just enjoying the sport. But, just like the story of the first time you got drunk and puked on your shoes, the debate kept creeping up in conversations. With most Americans who know shit about cycling, the conversation usually goes like this:
Them: Ah, you ride a bike?
Me: Yeah.
Them: Like Lance Armstrong?
Me: Yeah.
Them: He had cancer, you know?
Me: Yeah.
Them: Testicular cancer.
Me: Yeah.
Them: He won the Tour of France a bunch of times.
Me: Yeah.
Them: He's the best of all time.
Me: Yeah.
Them: So, do you wear those funny shoes that clip into the pedals?
Me: Yeah.

Why bother arguing with someone who wouldn't even know the difference between a mountain bike and a road bike. These people think Armstrong won the Tour 23 times, riding a Huffy and have no idea that it's a 3 week race. Fuck them, I'll let them think whatever they want to, and let them be.

Some people know a little bit about cycling and when they find out I'm into it, they'll come up and...

Them: Eddy Merckx is the best of all time. Anyone who knows cycling will tell you that.
Me: Yeah.
Them: There was this guy from Spain who won the Tour of France a few times.
Me: Yeah.
Them: There's also a Tour in Italy, I think. Armstrong never won that. He only wins in France
Me: Yeah.
Them: Everyone who doesn't know cycling thinks Armstrong is the best. He's SO not.
Me: Yeah.
Them: They make bikes out of carbon now.
Me: Yeah.

The conversation with someone who knows a fair amount about the topic usually will go like this:
Them: Who do you think is the best of all time?
Me: I don't know, it's hard to say.
Them: Well, it HAS to be Anquetil, because his style was awesome, or Merckx because he won the most Grand Tours, or Bahamontes because he was the best climber of all times, or Zabel, because he won so may stages.
Me: Sure.
Them: Everyone who doesn't know cycling thinks Armstrong is the best. He's SO not.
Me: Yeah.
Them: I have a Cervelo S3.
Me: I need a drink. Now. Bye.

Unless I have a few hours to discuss the topic in depth with a knowledgeable, preferably friendly and humorous person, I just avoid the argument altogether. I avoid it mostly because I don't know the answer. What's NOT pointless, however, is reading about it in this blog. Why? Because yours truly; The SkullKrusher (omnipotent master of all things cycling) has come up with THE ultimate way to once and for all decide who the best cyclist of all times is. No, it's not based on the overall ridiculousness of your haircut (we all know Laurent Brochard would win hands down), or based on how much they look like a starving Ethiopian covered in flour (Rasmussen would win that, of course). My system actually comes from a much, much more reliable standard: Mathematics!

In order to understand my rating scale you must first know where it came from and how I developed it. Let me start by saying that I'm a complete nerd and have no friends (that's actually not true at all, but it gives this post a little more flavor, so bare with me). I am recently single, and just received a partially torn meniscus from a very unfriendly patch of pavement I met during a ride to see my ex, in order to try to get her back. It didn't work. You can laugh now. Since I can't ride and I have no one to hang out with, I'm left with plenty of time to think about the aforementioned Merckx versus Coppi debate. Maybe Coppi was the better overall cyclist, but since his career was split in half by WWII, we will never know how many more races he would have won. The reality is that Coppi, at the end of the day, only won 7 Grand Tours and Merckx won eleven. But does that settle the debate? I mean we all know that cycling is about a lot more than the three Grand Tours. For starters, what about Paris-Roubaix? It's a tough race. It may not make De Vlaeminck (4 wins) the best cyclist of all time, but classics and other races have to be included if we're to come up with a rating system (and thus a consensus), right? Well, Roubaix can't be worth as much as a Grand Tour win, but it's worth more than winning La Fleche Wallonne. As I started to figure this all out, things started to get interesting. I started to make a list of all the races that should be included in the equation. I figured out how much each one would be worth. After hours and hours (and I mean hours and hours) of internet research and old school pen/paper action, I came up with what I think is a fair rating system. I believe it to be fair and balanced and if you disagree with me, you can kiss my ass. For the record, said ass will probably be sitting on the couch, where it usually is these days.

The criteria
I decided to only include road cyclists, whose careers happened mostly after the 1930s. Before then it was way too easy to cheat by hanging on to cars, getting a lift from a guy on a mule, or spreading nails on the road, etc. I'm not saying that type of shit hasn't happened since, but it was much more common then. Also, most of us don't know those names, so it wouldn't be as much fun.

The point system
After lots and lots of work, I came up with this point system:

Grand tour GC
Win: 9 pts.
2nd: 3 pts.
3rd: 1 pt.

Grand tour jersey competition
Mountain/points/sprint etc.: 2 pts.

Grand tour stages
Stage win: 1 pt.

Other stage races GC*
Dauphine Libere: 2 pts.
Paris-Niece: 2 pts.
Tirreno Adriatico: 2 pts.
Vuelta al Pais Vasco 2 pts.

Milan-San Remo: 3 pts.
Paris-Roubaix: 3 pts.
Tour of Flanders: 3 pts.
Amstel Gold: 3 pts.
Liege-Bastogne-Liege: 3 pts.
Clasica San Sebastian: 1 pt.
Giro di Lombardia: 1 pt.
Fleche Wallonne: 1 pt.

Other shit
Gold medal for TT or road in the Olympics: 3 pts.
TT or Road World Championship: 3 pts.
Hour Record: 1 pt.
Trofeo Baracchi: 1 pt.

*the reason I only gave 2 points for a smaller stage race and 3 to certain classics, is because most teams use these stage races for preparation and training, making them "less important" in the calendar. Some of the Classics, though, are races that teams prepare for.

The Results
Here I give you the Top 25 Cyclists of All Times, according to my most awesome super nerdy, time consuming, headache giving system in the world:

1. Eddy Merckx - 218 pts.
It should come as no surprise to anyone that Merckx is number 1. With 11 Grand Tours wins, 3 World Championships and 7 Milan-San Remos, The Cannibal is by far the best, and the most prolific cyclist of all time. His sideburns were also the most powerful in cycling history.

2. Bernard Hinault - 149 pts.
The Badger won all 3 Grand Tours, a slew of Classics and he was World Champion. Why is Hinault crying in this picture? Two reasons, because the sponsors made him wear a headband, and because he knew he'd eventually end up working as a bouncer.

3. Fausto Coppi - 127 pts.
Coppi won the Giro and the Tour in the same year twice – in 1949 and 1952. He never raced in La Vuelta. He had a huge nose.

4. Miguel Induarin - 120 pts.
One of my favorite riders of all time, Indurain won the Tour 5 years in a row and did the Tour/Giro double in 1992 and 1993. Oddly enough he never won his home Grand Tour: La Vuelta. "Miguelon", as he was known in Spain, is perhaps the only cyclist in history who could give Sean Kelly a run for his money in the contest of who had the least personality off the bike.

5. Jaques Anquetil - 109 pts.
The smooth-riding Frenchman was the first to win the Tour five times in a row, and won the Grand Prix of Nations an impressive 9 times. He was the first cyclist to sport a pompadour to lower his aerodynamic drag.

6. Gino Bartali - 105 pts.
Just 4 points behind Anquetil comes the beloved Italian who is better known for being second to Coppi, than his actual palmares.

7. Tony Rominger - 88 pts.
Big gap between "The Greats" (1 through 6) and everyone else. Edging Armstrong by only a bit, Rominger is the first in the "Not So Good" class. The Swiss dominated the Vuelta in the early 90s, and broke the hour record (HPVA/WHPVA) twice in 1994.

8. Lance Armstrong - 87 pts.
Now, when randoms ask you if Lance is "the best", you can tell them, "Nah, he's like the 8th best."

9. Laurent Fignon - 82 pts.
I know he has the whole cancer thing going on now, but I could never get myself to like this pompous asshole. Note the small gap between him and Armstrong.

10. Mario Cipollini - 72 pts.
Everyone's favorite flamboyant sexy-man, Cipo never came even close to winning a Grand Tour, but won over 50 stages in them.

11. Roger De Vlaeminick - 71 pts.
Monsieur Paris-Roubaix won The Hell of the North a record four times and Tirreno-Adriatico a record six. He also won Milan-San Remo, the Tour of Flanders, Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Giro di Lombardia and La Fleche Wallone. I was hoping this guy was gonna be higher on the list, but we can all agree he is the King of the Classics. He was also the king of wearing chaps during training rides. Seriously.

12. Laurent Jalabert - 69 pts.
Sixty-nine points... Ha ha! Sixty-nine... In 1997, Jaja won the ITT World Championship, Paris-Niece, the Giro di Lombardia and La Fleche Wallonne. Not a bad year. Is he wearing a beeper around his wrist in this picture? Was he checking it and that's why he crashed? We'll never know.

13. Felice Gimondi - 67 pts.
The Phoenix Gimondi was only the second cyclist in history to win all 3 major Tours.

14. Sean Kelly - 62 pts.
Sure, he has the personality of a cinder block, but this fucker could race. His Paris-Roubaix wins are truly awesome, dare I say "epic" races.

15. Francesco Moser - 60 pts.
One of my childhood idols, he won Paris-Roubaix three times and broke Merckx's hour record in 1984.

16. Louis Bobet - 59 pts.
The Frenchman won the Tour 3 times and multiple spring Classics during the 1950s.

17. Erik Zabel - 56 pts.
This beast of a racer won the Green Jersey in the Tour six fucking times. Sometimes he got sad (as seen above), because his haircut was so ridiculous.

18. Fiorenzo Magni - 55 pts.
Three Giros and three Tours of Flanders in the 1950s.

19. Alessandro Petacchi - 51 pts.
Another sprinter in the top 20. Only 4 stage wins in the Tour, but over 20 in the Giro and 19 in the Vuelta. He's probably going to win a few more Giro stages, but being in a crappy team, I doubt he'll ever go back to France or Spain.

20. Greg LeMond - 50 pts.
Love him or hate him, the jackass did win the Tour 3 times, was World Champion twice and had the balls to call out His Majesty King Armstrong.

21. Alberto Contador - 49 pts.
At age 27 and years before he retires, El Pistolero has already won all 3 Grand Tours. He is already in 21st place and will probably break into the top 10 in the next 2 seasons.

22. Jan Jansen - 48 pts.
First Dutch to win the Tour, World Champion in 1964 and won Roubaix in 1967. Nice glasses, chief! And nice pigeons, too.

23. Charly Gaul - 47 pts.
Better known in the cyclo-cross world, this Luxembourger won the Giro twice and the Tour once.

24. Jan Ullrich - 44 pts.
The eternal runner-up, he always wished that his first name was Lars. He also wished that his freckles weren't so creepy, and that he didn't get too fat in the off season.

25. Marco Pantani - 43 pts
Weeeeee, Pantani comes in at 25, despite how many bandanas have sold worldwide after his death.

Other people of note I did for fun

Federico Bahamontes - 42 pts.
Pedro Delgado - 42 pts.
Robetro Heras - 41 pts.
Denis Menchov - 41 pts.
Jan Raas - 40 pts.
Paolo Bettini - 35 pts.
Stephen Roche - 32 pts.
Luis Herrera - 31 pts.
Tom Boonen - 28 pts.
Alexander Vinokourov - 28 pts.
Fabian Cancellara - 27 pts.
Damiano Cunego - 24 pts.
Mark Cavendish - 19 pts.
Ivan Basso - 19 pts.
Claudio Chiapucci - 19 pts.
Thor Hushovd - 15 pts.
Cadel Evans - 11 pts.
Andy Schleck - 9 pts.
Iban Mayo - 8 pts.
Fabio Parra - 8 pts.
Alessandro Ballan - 7 pts.
Fränk Schleck - 5 pts.
Jens Voigt - 5 pts.
Mauricio Soler - 3 pts.
Sylvain Chavanel - 1 pt.
Wim Vansevenant - 0 pts. (only man to finish as lanterne rouge at The Tour three times)

So, there you have it. What did we learn today? Well, nothing, really. I'm sure you all probably had a good idea of who'd be in the Top 10, but at least, I settled the argument with hard evidence. Everyone will now follow my system and no one will ever disagree on the topic ever again. Tell your friends.

Did we forget anyone? Did we get the point system wrong? Will this help you settle arguments with your uncle Earl when you're back home for Christmas?


  1. Jan Ullrich: all time favourite cyclist. Arguably the most naturally gifted cyclist ever, if he wasn't so god damn lazy and unlucky.

    Excellent system Skullkrusher. I'm slightly in awe of the amount of time you have invested. I just start ranting about Jan Ullrich and how legendary his '97 victory was.

  2. Great list, arguably sound logic, I need to contemplate, how about honorable mention for Major Lance?

  3. I think you're probably right about Ullrich. His talent was amazing, but he seldom applied himself (I sound like my third grade teacher.) His weight gains in the offseason remain legendary.

    One thing the system doesn't take into consideration, and can't really be quantified are things like armstrong winning the tour 7 times.....i a row. that's another level. feats like winning a major classic AND a grand tour in one season...or TWO grand tours in one season...that's just insane. having such good form at different points in the season is just sick.

  4. Death;
    i did spend a lot of time on this, but im such a loser, i have plenty of that these days and after i memorized the point system it became a little faster. my fear after a while became to forget to do someone, so i started looking to see anyone who'd wan a grand tour more than once or any of the major classics and did them. one thing i learnt is that wikipedia is not very reliable, so looking for palmares in other places became the biggest pain. the whole thing took about 9 nights and a sunday.

    i thought about giving "bonus points" for things like more than one classic a season and stuff like that, but i decided against that simply cuz it'd make it too complicated. believe me, tho, i thought about it. the main reason i decided against at the end was cuz i think its way better to win roubaix twice (for example) 6 seasons apart than win it 3 years in a row. you know? whatever. it's done, you all better deal with it!

  5. D'oh, Major Taylor--who the fuck is Major Lance--isn't that a cheese cracker.

  6. I thought you meant taylor. ooops. freudian slip? you love armstrong don't you? admit it!

  7. Too much here to comment on all of it's awesomeness. Petacchi and Zabel's photos are awesome. I think the best race to watch ever would be something between Indurain, Coppi, and Merckx. Also, are there no awards for the perpetual second place Tony Rominger? When is his silver commemorative coin going to come out.

  8. I realize this is based on the men's Tours and Classics and all, but I think Beryl Burton also deserves at least an honorable mention here. Particularly since she actually held the men's and women's 12-hour TT records for a period of time.

  9. "When is his silver commemorative coin going to come out." LULZ!!!

  10. dhd, if i wanted to talk about broads, i'd post on the cooking light blog, aight?


  11. I adore your photos. I'm just sayin'.

  12. Nancy,
    Thank you for checking in. Keep up the work on your blog...I'm glad someone is giving props to the lanterne rouge

  13. And where's the Cooking Light link, btw, for us broads?

    And Wim Vansevenant rulz.

  14. Nancy, I was totally SO kidding about the "broad" comment! Please don't tell my sister (or mom) I said that. They'd kick my ass! :)

  15. I know. :-) Not that I don't need some Cooking Light.... Chicken Rasmussen could probably give us all a few dieting tips (water on your cereal, anyone?)

    I keep going back to your photos and comments here and laughing. Alberto's expression when swimming with the special needs dolphins is hilarious.

  16. Dolphins have sharp teeth. I'm just saying...

  17. Poor Alberto can't catch a break...not from humans, not from dolphins...the guy is doomed.

  18. This just in: Contador has changed his fingerbang salute and is cavorting with pigeons. Please see BSNYC for more details. Will this change the results Skullkrusher?

  19. LeMond won three Tours and three world championships, and you've got him behind Cipollini, Fignon, Jalabert, and Rominger...?

    You guys are fucking retards.


  20. You can't argue with mathematics. I mean, perhaps stage wins should be worth less? Even still, he won so damn many...that it gets hard to play those down. Lemond was certainly more multi-faceted, Cipollini's lack of mountain climbing skills makes Cavendish look like Soler.

  21. Worlds Road Race should have a lot more points than the Olympics, pro-road cyclists competing in the Olympics is a pretty recent development.

  22. Fantastic list.

    I wish there was away to add in points for things that are less quantifiable. Like entertainment value and coolness. That way the sprinters would have a better chance on the list.

  23. I also wanted to add that I didn't see any points totalled for Ned Overend's mustasche or mole, what gives?

  24. Oh my god that mole.....I know nothing about mountain biking...but that mole, and Tinker Juarez' hair are simply beyond me.

  25. Burt, I thought the fact that I even did this in the first place, pretty much sealed the "I'm a retard" argument, no?

    pasta-boy, you're right about the Olympics, BUT a few of the big ones back in the day did participate in the olympics as amateurs, and I did include the Trofeo Baracchi, which guys today can't win :)

    Cannibal, if coolness would have been added, we all know Cadel would have taken the cake, right?

  26. Oh, wait, I misspoke, I meant Cadel would take if we factored in absolute retardedness, not coolness! Sorry, 'bout that.

  27. I can't help it, watching the sprinters at the tours is always my favorite part. I was a huge McEween fan. He was so cocky it was amazing, (though I'm not sure if that was because he was a sprinter or an Aussie). the head block against O'Grady, the relegation and then first place. Now that's entertainment.

    Greatest cyclist, not even close. Most entertaining, more likely.

  28. Cannibal,
    You are a great example of how varied cycling fans are. I myself don't love sprinters, their plight or flat stages. For that reason, Lemond to me could be considered more important than Cipo...but that's my taste. Give me a guy who is a climber, and will never be a GC contender, and I'm glued to the TV. At the same time, the classics are fantastic, and perhaps more fun than grand tours. But that's me. For the record, something like Hushovd going nuts to prove a point at the Tour, and climbing as a sprinter...that was complete bliss. beautiful.

  29. *insert gratuitous clever Cadel slam here*

    I wanted to snark about Cadel here yesterday but I forgot, thanks for reminding me. I hate that he won Worlds.

  30. I actually love that he wan Worlds, just cuz he's such a weirdo! His twitter was SO funny the rest of that week. He's SO entertaining!

    Cannibal, I just did McEwen and he's got 30 pts...

  31. plus 200 pts for entertainment value, he's #1 above Merckx! WOW! haha!

  32. damn you cadel for birsmirching our entire nation!

  33. It's okay Death Race, how do you think some Americans feel about Armstrong and Lemond? They'll always have Hampsten though.

  34. Hey SkullKrusher do you do requests? What about everyone's favorite Russian, Viatcheslav Ekimov? Here is his wiki with results:

  35. Just for everyone's enjoyment, here's Cadel's "Don't touch me!" video clip again:

  36. we always have michael rogers, one of those 'coulda have but is busy getting injured'

  37. ...who gives a rat's ass...the "conversations" were fucking great...

  38. Are you sure that picture of Petacchi isn't actually a picture of Rene Hasselbacher? Or did they both crash, rip up their shorts, and then hold their shorts over their butts?

  39. Just checked...yes, that Hasselbacher pic comes up when you google Petacchi, but look closely--Petacchi never raced for Gerolsteiner.

  40. Your rating system is obviously skewed. Jens should be #1.

  41. Hi,
    I don't think that the track rider you pictured with Francesco Moser is Francesco.
    For me he looks like Dietrich Thurau.

  42. Hey, what about:

    - Raymond Poulidor; (won 8 GT stages, '61 Milan-San Remo, '63 Fleche-Wallone, '64 Vuelta; '66 and '69 Dauphine, '72 and '73 Paris-Nice, 2nd TDF three times and third 5 times);

    - Joop Zoetemelk (won 10 GT stages, '68 Olympic TTT, '71 Vuelta KOM jersey, '73, '74 and '79 Paris-Nice; '76 Fleche-Wallone, '79 Vuelta, '80 TDF, '85 Worlds, '87 Amstel Gold; 2nd in TDF six times); or

    - Hennie Kuiper (won 5 GT stages, '72 Olympic RR, '75 World RR, '81 Tour of Flanders and Tour of Lombardi, '83 Paris-Roubaix, '85 Milan-San Remo; 2nd in 1977 TDF)?

    Not to mention RIK VAN LOOY (won 37 GT stages, '58 MSR, '59 Tour of Lombardia, '60 and '61 World RR, '61, '62 and '65 Paris-Roubaix; '59 and '62 Tour of Flanders, '61 Leige-Bastogne-Liege, '68 Fleche-Wallone PLUS 3rd in '65 TDF and won 4 GT jerseys).

    To paraphrase the always-eloquent Mr. Hoovis: You guys are effing developmentally disabled.

  43. This ranking system passes the main test -- it produces a list in which Merckx, Hinault and Coppi occupy the top slots. By the way, Hinault isn't crying in that photo. He's contemplating how best to kick your ass for that display of cheek.

  44. Hi!

    I love bikes too, but I stop riding them cuz I almost die once I was having fun ... heheheh
    Thanks for sharing

  45. Not a single guy from USSR... Olympic statistics?

  46. interesting system, great pics & dito captions
    this Polish guy has an even more intricate ranking system at Daniel Marszalek. With race importance changing over time.
    Merckx 1, no discussion. Sean Kelly is second. Lance doesn't even make his top 20...
    No recent riders in top 10, specialism is making it more difficult i guess

  47. If an athlet, who never won the Tour the France is placed in front of Lance Armstrong, then there is a great mistake in the point system! If the Vuelta gets 9 points, the Tour the France hast to get 15 points, or even more. Also TT-Championshsip is not the same as Road-Championshsip!

  48. In your point system Joop Zoetemelk got 66 Points and is ranked on 14.

  49. Armstrong got in your system 95 (not 87) points overall:

    63 - 7x Tour Win
    22 - 22x Win Tour-Stages
    4 - 2x Dauphine Libere
    3 - World Championship
    2 - San Seb. & Fleche Wallone
    1 - 3rd Place Tour

  50. you forgot freddy maertens! 13 stage wins in a single vuelta, out of 19.

  51. ooohhhh, Maertens! you're right. I had the honor of meeting him earlier this year. wonderful guy.

  52. Agree with the top 3, but why is the Amstel Gold Race worth 3 points and the Giro di Lombardia only 1, while the latter is one of the five monuments? Also, a WC TT (or OS) isn't worth as much as a title on the normal race.

  53. Respect, amazing effort and fakkin funny too! Coppi will always be the coolest tho, if only for this:

    Coppi was often said to have introduced "modern" methods to cycling, particularly his diet. Gino Bartali established that some of those methods included taking drugs, which were not then against the rules.

    Bartali and Coppi appeared on television revues and sang together, Bartali singing about "The drugs you used to take" as he looked at Coppi. Coppi spoke of the subject in a television interview:

    Question: Do cyclists take la bomba (amphetamine)?
    Answer: Yes, and those who claim otherwise, it's not worth talking to them about cycling.
    Question: And you, did you take la bomba?
    Answer: Yes. Whenever it was necessary.
    Question: And when was it necessary?
    Answer: Almost all the time!

  54. FANTASTIC LIST DUDE!!! Pics are funny as hell too. I think your system, in fact the entire entry, exhibits genius. Pleased to see Gimondi and Kelly accurately placed (ie. not in the top 10). And just as fittingly, my personal favorite, the great De Vlaeminick, places very high. Saw some dudes post on Zoetemelk and Maertens but I'm too lazy to run the numbers myself. I know they were badasses though. Effin' cool dude. - Bosbefok Texan

  55. Oh, and you're very correct. The Cannibal did have extremely, extremely powerful sideburns. - Bosbefok Texan

  56. Scheisse, I mispelled De Vlaeminck just like you did. - Bosbefok Texan

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  58. I get 93 points for Sean Kelly. That would place him 6th on this list

    Vuelta GC x 1 = 9
    Points x 4 = 8
    Stages x 16 = 16

    Le Tour
    Points x 4 = 8
    Sprints x 3 = 6
    Stages x 5 = 5

    Paris Nice x 7 = 14

    Vuelta al Pais Vasco x 3 = 6

    Milan-San Remo x 2 = 6
    Paris-Roubaix x 2 = 6
    Liege-Bastogne-Liege x 2 = 6
    Giro di Lombardia x 3 = 3

    Obviously he has won other classic races and smaller stage races(Tour de Suisse x 2, Volta a Catalunya x 2 etc.) race series (UCI World Cup, Pernod Prestige International) but I only included the criteria specifically mentioned

  59. Great initiative!
    Why don't you use the UCI ranking points system?

    Please, correct the mistake.
    I think Alberto Contador, his attacks are amazing

  61. 1. Giro and Vuelta are less important then Tour de France.
    2. And where is Alfredo Bindo?
    According to your system:
    5*9(5giro)+43*2(total wins in rounds)+3*3(3time WC)+2*3(milan san remo)+4*1(lombardia)+1*2(point jersey) + 1*3(giro 2d)=
    155 points, making him the second best after Mercxk. This of course isn't right but he should be in top 10.

  62. I'm currently doing something very similar to you in order to determine the greatest, but I decided to use WorldTour classification (grands tours top 20 are awarded points and top 5 for each stage), top 10 for 1-week stage races (top 5 for each stage) and top 10 for all important classics (with more points for monuments).

    Putting all of this on an Excel sheet takes me around 2 hours for 1 year and I'm all the way back to 1992 right now. So, all results from 1992 to 2014 are added and so far, the top name isn't even mentionned on this page, altough it sits a few points in front of Armstrong and Jalabert (who still have some years to race, backwards) is Davide Rebellin.

  63. and where is Museeuw, Zülle, Fondriest, Bartoli, Tchmil, Boogerd, Sörensen.

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    City Holiday Terpercaya - Untuk bisa lolos ke perempat-final, The Red Devils membutuhkan kemenangan 3-0. Moyes yakin anak-anak asuhnya akan memiliki kebersamaan untuk mewujudkan ambisi itu.
    "Kami akan bersatu. Masih ada pertandingan kedua, dan Old Trafford memiliki sejumlah malam yang hebat. Saya antusias ingin mendapatkan satu malam lagi tersebut," ujar Moyes.
    "Satu hal yang bagus, masih ada leg kedua."
    "Saya rasa ada talenta yang tidak diragukan di Manchester United, tapi kami tidak menunjukkannya."

  65. Ter Stegen Sudah Tes Medis Dengan Barcelona

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari Agen Bola - Mengabarkan bahwa Barcelona telah sepakat untuk mendatangkan kiper Borussia Monchengladbach Marc-Andre ter Stegen.
    City Holiday Terpercaya - Tim asal Catalunya itu sebelum ini menyasar beberapa nama besar di posisi bawah mistar guna menggantikan Victor Valdes yang akan hengkang di akhir musim, dan kini tampaknya pilihan tersebut jatuh pada sosok muda asal Jerman.
    Tawaran Barcelona yang senilai 12 juta euro telah diterima dan mereka mengharapkan untuk segera menuntaskan transfer sang kiper dalam beberapa pekan ke depan.
    Sumber yang sama juga menyatakan bahwa Barca telah melakukan tes medis secara rahasia terhadap Ter Stegen di Monchengladbach pada pekan lalu.
    Adapun pada musim ini, kiper berusia 21 tahun itu telah tampil 22 kali di Bundesliga dengan mengemas enam clean sheets.

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  68. I think that this post would be great if you stopped ''swearing'' and joking about everything. Liked the top 25, though. But maybe if you grow up a little your ex may come back to you

  69. have you recalculated Armstrong now that he's an admitted cheater and rightly stripped of many of his titles?

  70. nah, the post is five years old at this point. others in this list have been stripped of titles since too, though surely not as many. and indicative of the realities of the sport, many others on the list tested positive as well.

  71. Rodgers : Kontroversial, Tapi Liverpool Memang Lebih Baik

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola Di Upton Park, Minggu (6/4/2014) malam WIB Liverpool meraih kemenangan 2-1 untuk merebut kembali puncak klasemen dari tangan Chelsea.
    Agen bolacity holiday Terpercaya - Kedua gol The Reds dibuat Steven Gerrard melalui eksekusi penalti, sementara gol tunggal tuan rumah dibuat Guy Demel pada penghujung babak pertama.
    "Ada keputusan-keputusan yang buruk dibuat wasit, yang menguntungkan kami dan yang merugikan kami. (Tapi) kami jelas tim yang lebih baik. Ujuar Rodgers.
    "Lapangannya kering, tuan rumah memutuskan tidak menyiramnya dan mempengaruhi kecepatan permainan kami. Itu keputusan tuan rumah," tutup Brendan Rodgers usai pertandingan.


  72. Mourinho Ingin Enjoy

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola -Untuk lolos ke babak semifinal, The Blues harus bisa mengalahkan PSG dengan skor 2-0 atau jika kebobolan, maka dibutuhkan selisih tiga gol saat berduel di Stamford Bridge, Rabu (9/3/2014) dinihari WIB.
    Agen bolacity holiday Terpercaya - Syarat yang memang tidak mudah bagi Chelsea. Namun begitu, 'Si Biru' telah memperoleh suntikan moral usai membungkam Stoke City 3-0 sebagai respons atas dua kekalahan yang diderita sebelumnya.
    "Kekalahan ketiga akan sangat buruk untuk kepercayaan diri kami terkait dengan pertandingan hari Selasa," ujar manajer Chelsea Jose Mourinho di Sky Sports.
    "Jika kami kebobolan satu gol atau sebuah clean sheet maka kami masih ada kesempatan. Jika kebobolan dua gol dan kami harus mencetak lima gol, kami akan gagal. Makanya penting bertahan dengan baik melawan Paris," tutup manajer kontroversial asal Portugal itu.


  73. The Gunners Makin Kesulitan

    Berita terbaru dan terkini dari agen bola -Limabelas hari setelah dihantam Chelsea 0-6 di Stamford Bridge, Arsenal kembali menelan kekalahan telak.
    Agen bolacity holiday Terpercaya - Kali ini Goodison Park yang menjadi kuburan buat 'Gudang Peluru' saat mereka takluk 0-3 dalam lawatan ke Everton, Minggu (6/4/2014) malam WIB.
    "Everton lebih baik, lebih tajam dan layak menang. Satu-satunya momen di mana kami sepertinya akan bisa bangkit adalah di babak kedua, (tapi) kami lalu memberikan gol mudah (bunuh diri Arteta). Lalu semuanya berakhir," sahut Wenger usai pertandingan.
    "Saya tidak akan mempertanyakan semangat tim ini, tapi kami kehilangan kepercayaan diri. Kami terlihat tidak padu saat harus mencetak gol. Satyu lagi kekalahan besar saat menjalani laga tandang telah mengurangi karisma dari tim ini," tutup Wenger.


  74. Jorge Lorenzo bertekad bangkit di GP Argentina
    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 - Jorge Lorenzo mendapatkan hasil yang mengecewakan di dua seri awal musim ini. Rider Yamaha itu mengungkapkan tekadnya untuk bangkit di balapan berikutnya yang digelar di Argentina.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya - Lorenzo gagal finis di MotoGP Qatar yang menjadi seri pembuka musim. Setelah itu, dia membuat kesalahan dengan melakukan jump start di MotoGP Austin dan akhirnya hanya finis kesepuluh.

    Bagi Lorenzo, ini adalah start terburuknya sejak naik ke kelas MotoGP pada tahun 2008. Sejak 2008, dia selalu naik podium di dua balapan pertama. Sementara di musim ini, dia baru mengemas enam poin.

    "Tentu saja ini bukan permulaan musim yang saya impikan. Namun, saya cukup yakin kami bisa membalikkan situasi. Tak mudah untuk menerima apa yang terjadi di Austin, tapi saya selalu berusaha untuk mendapatkan hal positif bahkan meski kami berada dalam masalah," ungkap Lorenzo.

    “Sekarang saya hanya memikirkan soal Argentina dan saya sangat menantikan untuk segera balapan di sana. Tetap berada di trek adalah cara terbaik untuk melupakan dan saya pikir musim kami akan dimulai di sana," jelasnya lagi.

    "Sirkuitnya baru dan ini adalah kunjungan pertama ke Termas de Rio Hondo. Itulah kenapa kami harus langsung berbenah sejak hari Jumat dan berusaha tetap tenang dan berkonsentrasi untuk mendapatkan kecepatan terbaik sesegera mungkin," tutupnya.

  75. Prancis enggan meremehkan Honduras dan Ekuador

    Agen Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, di atas kertas Prancis berada di grup yang terbilang enteng di Piala Dunia. Namun, hal itu tidak membuat Prancis memandang sebelah mata lawan-lawannya.

    Prancis berada di Grup E bersama Ekuador, Honduras dan Swiss. Dari tim-tim tersebut, cuma Swiss yang diprediksi akan memberi perlawanan ketat untuk Prancis.

    Peringkat FIFA teranyar bisa jadi indikasi di mana Swiss kini menempati posisi enam, Prancis peringkat 17, sedangkan Ekuador ada di posisi 26 dan Honduras di tangga ke-33.

    "Hasil undian bisa saja lebih buruk, tapi kami tahu kami tak boleh terlalu lupa daratan karena turnamen ini akan sulit. Kami sangat percaya dengan kemampuan kami tapi kami harus tetap bermain dengan determinasi dan fokus besar, memperlihatkan performa sama seperti beberapa pertandingan terakhir kami. Yang terpenting adalah menghadapi laga pembuka kami lawan Honduras. Di atas kertas laga itu bisa dibilang mudah, tapi fakta di atas lapangan terkadang bisa berbeda. Kami sadar bahwa takkan ada yang berjalan mudah," ujar pemain tengah Prancis Yohan Cabaye.

  76. Robin Van Persie Tidak Parah

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen Bola – Kabar kurang mengenakan dari timnas Belanda tentang penyerang andalan mereka Robin Van Persie yang dikabarkan mengalami cedera pangkal paha.
    Sebelumnya penyerang Manchestre United tersebut harus ditarik keluar pada babak kedua usai mengeluhkan hal tersebut, namun kabar tersebut langsung dilunakkan oleh sang pemain.
    RVP menyatakan bahwa dirinya baik-baik saja, dan penarikan dirinya keluar merupakan sebuah pencegahan, karena dipekan depan dirinya akan kembali berlaga (Pembukaan Piala Dunia 2014 yang akan menjamu Spanyol pada 14 Juni).
    “Anda tidak perlu khawatir, saya hanya mengalami masalah kecil pad apangkal paha saya,” ujar dirinya.
    “Saya tidak menyebut ini sebagi cedera. Namun (pada bagian tersebut) masih sedikit sakit.”
    “Pertandingan minggu depan merupakan laga yang lebih penting.”
    Pada laga tersebut berakhir dengan kemenangan timnas Oranje dengan skor 2-0, gol dicetak oleh Arjen Robben dimenit ke 32 dan Jermain Lens yang masuk menggantikan Van Persie dilaga tersebut dimenit ke 72 yang memanfaatkan asisst Arjen Robben.

  77. Hodgson Convinced of England Chance of World Cup Success

    As the most reliable Agen Bola mentioned, England boss Roy Hodgson is of the belief that the Three Lions are capable of beating any teams to win the World cup in Brazil after winning it once in 1966.
    “Why go to Brazil unless we think we can win it,” Hodgson said.
    “What makes me think we can win it is that it is a knockout competition.”
    “If we look at previous tournaments like (Euro) 1992, Denmark didn't even qualify, they rounded people up from the beaches, and beat Holland on the way to the final and Germany in the final…”
    “I can guarantee you that the players are 100 per cent committed to winning it - even though they know it is a big ask.”
    "We'd like to think we will go beyond the group stage, we are planning for it."

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  80. Whwn you look at period of 1992 and forward a lot of the riders on this list was not active anymore.
    As seen on this list Jalabert is no. 1 and Rebellin no. 2 for this period, all included. But without the first years Jalabert will be behind Rebellin.

  81. Garcia: Benatia dan Ljajic Tetap di Roma

    [url=][B]Agen Bola[/B][/url] Melaporkan Berita Olahraga Terkini dan terbaru Boston - Allenatore AS Roma Rudi Garcia memastikan bahwa Mehdi Benatia tidak akan hengkang. Pelatih asal Prancis itu menegaskan bahwa Adem Ljajic tidak akan dijual.

    Benatia sudah kencang dikabarkan akan meninggalkan Roma. Manchester City, Chelsea, Barcelona, dan beberapa klub besar Eropa disebut-sebut ingin merekrut bek berusia 27 tahun itu.

    Namun Garcia menepis rumor tersebut. Dia menegaskan bahwa Benatia masih akan tetap bersama Roma di musim depan.

    "Mehdi terikat kontrak dan akan bermain bersama Roma musim ini," sahut Garcia dalam konferensi pers di Boston, Amerika Serikat, Selasa (22/7/2014) waktu setempat.

    "Beruntung presiden berhasil bicara kepada semua pemain dan kemarin dia bicara pada setiap pemain. Besok Benatia akan bermain melawan Liverpool," imbuhnya.

    Garcia juga menjawab rumor soal kelanjutan masa depan Ljajic menyusul kedatangan Juan Iturbe ke Roma. Garcia menegaskan bahwa pemain asal Serbia itu tidak akan dilepas.


  82. Real Madrid were horrible – Casillas

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported - Real Madrid captain Iker Casillas slammed his side's performance against Real Sociedad as "horrible".
    The Champions League holders raced into a two-goal lead inside 11 minutes at Anoeta before a complete capitulation saw them suffer a 4-2 defeat.
    Madrid's set-piece defending was once again in the spotlight as La Real exploited the uncertain Sergio Ramos and Pepe, but Casillas has called on the entire team to improve their efforts following the collapse.
    "First, I have to congratulate Real Sociedad, who played a spectacular game," he told Canal Plus.
    "Our team was horrible. From two goals up, you cannot finish the game in this way, it is not the way nor the attitude to move forward with."


  83. Manchester United make late push for Nigel de Jong

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported - Manchester United are making a late push to sign midfielder Nigel de Jong before the transfer window closes, Goal understands.
    United are set to confirm the signing of Ajax's Daley Blind on Monday after agreeing terms on a €17.5 million deal with the Dutch club.
    But the Red Devils could still bring in the 29-year-old AC Milan man in a €10m deal, in a bid to further bolster their midfield options.
    Ed Woodward, United's executive vice-chairman, first met with De Jong's representatives in London earlier in August.
    Talks between Woodward and De Jong's camp are understood to have progressed over the following weeks, with the player keen to link up with Louis van Gaal, who coached the former Manchester City midfielder while in charge of Netherlands.


  84. Everton bid for Stoke captain Shawcross

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported - Everton have made a bid to sign Stoke City defender Ryan Shawcross, Goal understands.
    The 26-year-old centre-back, who has one England international cap to his name from 2012, is also interesting another club from overseas.
    The Toffees conceded six goals to Chelsea in a 6-3 Premier League defeat on Saturday, a result which has spurred Roberto Martinez into action ahead of Monday’s transfer deadline.
    Shawcross, a former Manchester United trainee, joined Stoke initially on loan in 2007 before making the switch permanent a year later.
    He has since made over 200 Premier League appearances for the Potters, becoming club captain in 2011.

  85. Benatia: Hard for Bayern to stay awake at CSKA

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported - Mehdi Benatia has claimed that Bayern Munich's playes ran the risk of falling asleep during Tuesday night's Champions League win at CSKA Moscow - on account of the "lack of atmosphere" at a near-empty Arena Khimki.
    "The risk tonight was falling asleep due to the lack of atmosphere," the defender told reporters after the game. "But it is very important that we won.
    "CSKA lost their first game, at Roma, so they had to win tonight and we knew that.
    "They played a better game than the one against Roma – they had two or three chances that could have been dangerous for us.
    "But, overall, we did well and took the three points, and that's the most important thing."

  86. Robben: CSKA win was easy for Bayern Munich

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported - Bayern Munich winger Arjen Robben has described Tuesday night's Champions League win at CSKA Moscow as "easy", accusing the hosts of only trying to defend.
    The hosts hit the crossbar during the Group E clash in the Russian capital, while Manuel Neuer also pulled off a fine stop to deny Ahmed Musa.
    However, Robben insists it was the most routine of victories for Bayern, who enjoyed 73 per cent possession and claimed all three points thanks to Thomas Muller's penalty midway through the first half.
    "We can be very happy – it was easy," the Netherlands international told reporters after the game.
    "One goal was decisive today and we are very happy with the win and the three points."

  87. Khelaifi 'proud' of under-fire PSG boss Blanc

    Agen Bola Terpercaya Cityholidaybet Reported - Paris Saint-Germain president Nasser Al Khelaifi hailed under-pressure coach Laurent Blanc for treating him to the most enjoyable victory of his life after Tuesday night's 3-2 win over Barcelona.
    Although the Qatari had publicly backed Blanc, speculation was rife that defeat at the Parc des Princes could spell the end for the World Cup winner, who had seen his side draw six of their previous competitive games this season.
    However, PSG produced a stirring display to defeat Barca, with David Luiz, Marco Verratti and Blaise Matuidi all on target in a triumph that left Al Khelaifi purring.
    "I am very happy, very proud, of the team, the coach and the supporters," the 40-year-old told his club's official website.
    "For me, this is the best victory of my life. And we deserved it. The coach and the players did everything to get the win."


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