Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Uhh...that's not what I meant

Due to my relative unhappiness with my current pedals (which to any cyclist means "I must buy something new RIGHT NOW"), I once again find myself looking at online reviews in search of pedal nirvana. Having been unable to find the information I was looking for in the usual sites, I made that dreaded turn into the retarded internet alley that is YouTube. In the past, I've actually found some interesting insight about products there, but that was certainly not the case when it came to pedals. Why? When searching for pedals with almost any combination of words, videos like the ones below kept coming up. Tons of them. Unknowingly, I had discovered a bizarre and seedy underworld (at least it seemed that way to me), one I was not looking for at all (I swear). I will now share these with you, since they are technically work safe, although the comments left behind by viewers kinda' aren't.

Comment from reader:
"i just made love gravy all over myself...."

Reader comment:
"that was nice, do more. if you have a small tripod mount for the cam, that may help keep it stationary while filming. again, nice video. ;)"

Comment by a a very sad shut-in:
"Great job on the shoe choice and the camera angle only in the next one could you have her just keep it floored as hard as she can through all the the gears and see how fast she can get it to go like she was doing towards the end of this video? That was the best part."

Are you done dowsing yourself with boiling bleach after watching those videos? If not, go do so...it will help.


  1. Good god. What the hell is wrong with people?

    Also, what pedals are you currently using?

  2. Ha ha ha, the foot fetish crowd is so easy to please.

  3. i thought a foot fetish would include some kind of sexual-ish act with feet...or merely looking at feet...not women stomping on pedals.

  4. Sorry, I failed to see that you asked about my pedals. I use SPD pedals, since I have to walk a good bit for different reasons. The pedals I was pretty unhappy with were Crank Brothers Candy which I liked at first, but noticed the tension getting really loose on them very quickly. I also couldnt find cheap ones in black...and I badly wanted them to match my bike (okay, make fun of me, go ahead). So, as a utilitarian failsafe pair I just bought Shimano M520, which I"ve been liking better. They weigh a ton, not that I care about grams...but if there was something affordable that was a bit lighter, but also lighter-looking, as in, not so hefty..that would be great. I'm also having some difficulty clipping in, perhaps that's just user error. It pisses me off, although it's better than the Candy ones, which always gave me difficulty. Some of the Time SPD ones look great, as well as the Shimano A520 touring ones. As you can see, I don't have a specific reason why I'm unhappy...but isn't that just like anyone who owns a bike?

  5. "i just made love gravy all over myself..."
    Hahahahaha! People are SO weird.

  6. Watching the first was enough to know I shouldn't... Well frankly just can't watch the others. You clearly have more than enough time on your hands...

  7. It's not about having too much time, it's about completing a trilogy. For example, if you only watched Robocop 1, and 2 you would have never known the magic that was Robocop 3.

  8. Robocop analogy only confirms my suspicion...

  9. Time Atac's have got good reviews. Bomb proof from what i hear. I use shimano road cleats however because i like to walk like a duck.

  10. I have the same problem as far as needing to walk around. I do brevets (long distance, timed rides) so I spend a good chunk of a weekend on my feet stopping for food or whatever. I've been using Crank Bros Quattros that I've been really happy with, but they discontinued them... They are hard to open up without special tools anyways. I need to find something else.

    I have a pair of Eggbeaters on my commute bike that have been pretty flawless. My only concern is the lack of a platform over the long distance. I'm not totally sure it would really make a difference for me though.

    Sorry. None of this was funny. Carry on.

  11. Similar to the Quattros are the Shimano A520's. They look a little like those goofy pedals that are flat on one side and SPD on the other, but I think they would work well, I just hate that they don't make them in black.The amount of platform on them seems like it would work really well.


    The guy from the Velodramatic blog got his powdercoated black, so I guess it can be done. Eggbeaters to me seem like they would lack support, but this is probably just a matter of perception.

  12. I've also used Quattro's and enjoyed them. The nice thing was you can make them work with any road shoe and 'most' SPD shoes with a recessed cleat. Mine have not gone soft like you Candy pedals. You can still find lots of these on eBay but they are more often the expensive titanium model.

    Perhaps you can come out with your own line of bike themed foot fetish videos. Comments would include things like "Next time make her keep the cadence up at 110 right through to the end, and send me another case of Tenacious Oil".

  13. Andy, my secretary will contact you to set up a business meeting...this video idea of yours sounds like a real winner! I don't know about you...but when the cadence gets up to the low 100's...wow!


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